- AND has extended its agreement with Navmii following the successful introduction of Navmii GPS Live in 2010.

AND now also offers a geocoding solution to improve address search within the OSM based Navfree navigation apps.

UK-based Navfree, a 'major player' in mobile navigation, is among the top free GPS navigation apps on Android and iOS.

Navfree reached its 12 millionth registered user this month with rapid growth seeing two million users added since September. Navfree is available in more than 30 countries with more than 1 million journeys made each day using the app.

Powered by OpenStreetMap, Navfree's navigation system is continually updated by users with more than 20,000 map corrections made every month, making it one of the most accurate free GPS systems available.

Navfree now will start using the AND geocoding solution to improve address search within the Navfree apps.

AND chief executive Hugo van der Linde: "We are happy to strengthen our partnership with Navmii who will use our geocoding solution. This is in line with the previously announced strategic direction and the implementation of customized solutions."

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