- Velocys has come to a settlement with Johnson Matthey in the intellectual property infringement case the former filed in the US against Catacel Corp. Catacel was acquired by Johnson Matthey in September 2014.

In April 2010, Velocys filed a lawsuit in the US against Catacel, a supplier of catalysts to CompactGTL Limited's gas-to-liquids demonstration unit at Petrobras' facility in Aracaju, Brazil, claiming infringement of several of the Company's US patents.

Under the terms of the settlement, Johnson Matthey will pay Velocys an undisclosed amount in recognition of its intellectual property, while acknowledging the validity of Velocys' patent rights and committing to respecting them.

Both parties note the successful UK litigation against CompactGTL by Velocys and the finding of infringement of its patent claims relating to CompactGTL's UK pilot plant activities.

Velocys has a very substantial patent portfolio comprising more than 800 patents, covering a broad range of countries, which protects key inventions relevant to smaller scale gas-to-liquids processing.

The Company also holds a significant inventory of trade-secrets which it has gained through years of development and practice. Moreover, Velocys actively ensures it maintains strict freedom to operate for its own business.

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