- Xeros Technology Group has successfully completed a full-scale trial of its technology within a leading tannery.

The trial was part of a multi-phase joint development agreement with LANXESS Deutschland GmbH to advance the application of Xeros' patented polymer bead technology in the leather processing industry.

The full scale trial which was conducted by a leading independent tannery has shown that material reductions in water, chemistry and effluent are achievable by using Xeros' technology in the retanning and dyeing phase of leather processing.

When Xeros' technology was applied to this phase of the process, the water used and the effluent generated were reduced by over 50%. The leather produced was judged to be of excellent quality in terms of look, feel, and handle.

The Group intends to continue further trials to determine the maximum potential of its technology in this field whilst simultaneously progressing its commercialisation plan.

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