- Minoan Group has widened its H1 pretax loss to £1.06m, from a loss of £0.76m. Revenue was £33.1m, from £28.7m.

"Discussions regarding the plans for our travel business are in progress with advisors and others," said chairman Christopher Egleton in a statement.

"I expect to be able to give shareholders more information in the near future.

"The 'Brexit' vote, together with its effect on Sterling, may have significant impacts on both our businesses.

"In travel it is likely to put up the cost of travel and holidays, which may affect the level of bookings going forward although increased prices may also result in higher commission.

"The effect in Greece is that the underlying value of the Project, which is based on Euros/Dollars, means that a lower Sterling exchange rate will lead to an increase in the equivalent Sterling value.

"In conclusion, whilst there are momentous events over which we have no control, we have never been closer to fulfilling our substantial potential."

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