- Chapel Down Group's sales rose by 25% to £10.233m in the year to the end of December.

Chapel Down wine sales were up 22% to £6.791m while beer and cider sales in its associate company Curious Drinks Ltd rose by 32% to £3.442m.

Continuing EBITDA increased by 72% to £750k (2015: £435k) as the group continued to reinvest in its brands, infrastructure and supply.

Chairman John Dunsmore said: "Progress has continued in the first quarter and we are pleased with the growth in wine exports - in particular the USA.

"Beer growth has been maintained and the opening of new facilities in Tenterden, the launch of further Kits Coty premium wines and the consumer and trade interest in both our wines and beers is very exciting.

"We remain appropriately optimistic about continuing growth in sales in 2017. We believe that the 2016 harvest will provide the quality of fruit from which we can seek to create more international award winning wines in the years to come.

"The exciting growth of our beer and cider in a vibrant artisanal market sector is also encouraging for our associate company.

"Our assets are supportive of the business: land - and high quality vined land in particular - continues to appreciate; our brand assets are more valuable than ever; and our balance sheet remains strong."

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