- The French Consumer Prices Index (CPI) edged down by 0.2% in September after a rebound of 0.5% in August.

This drop mainly came from a seasonal downturn in services prices and, to a lesser extent, from a slight drop in food prices.

Energy prices slowed down a little, while manufactured product prices accelerated.

Seasonally adjusted, consumer prices accelerated by 0.2%, as in August.

Year on year, consumer prices gathered pace for the second consecutive month, gaining 1% after an increase of 0.9% in August and 0.7% in July.

This rise resulted from an acceleration in energy prices and food prices and a lesser drop in manufactured product prices. Services prices slowed down again, due to a stronger fall in airfares and in communication services.

The core inflation indicator (ISJ) rose slightly by 0.1%, after two months of stability. Over a year, it rose by 0.5%, as in July and in August.

The Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) edged down by 0.2% after a rebound of 0.6% the previous month; year on year it gathered pace slightly to increase 1.1% after gaining 1.0% in August.

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