- Secured net lending to individuals remained stable in November at £3.5bn, broadly in line with the average seen since 2016.

Mortgage approvals rose in November, driven by a continuing increase in remortgaging approvals to 53,922.

The annual growth rate of consumer credit slowed to 9.1% in November, the lowest rate since December 2015. This fall partly reflects a particularly strong flow in November 2016 falling out of the annual growth rate.

Private non-financial corporations (PNFCs) raised £2.2 billion from UK MFIs and capital markets in November.

Net bond issuance strengthened over the year and was £5.7 billion in November, the largest since June 2009.

Lending to non-financial businesses weakened towards the end of the year, with the annual growth rate for all types of business falling to 1.7% in November.

UK broad money increased by £9.6 billion in November, according to the data from the Bank of England.

Within this, the flow of PNFCs' and households' M4 was above the recent average, at £8.0 billion.

The net flow of sterling credit was £7.1 billion in November. Combined lending to households and PNFCs was £4.0 billion, similar to the previous month.

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