- Versarien sealed a commercial agreement with PhoneDevil (MediaDevil) to launch a new range of earphones and other audio equipment and accessories which will feature Versarien's proprietary Nanene graphene nano platelets and utilise the Nanene brand.

The products, which initially comprise earphones, will be sold on, other online retail platforms such as Amazon, along with being supplied to high street retailers and MediaDevil's distribution partners globally.

The agreement will see Versarien's Nanene brand feature on all product packaging, for which Versarien will receive a royalty on each product sold.

In addition, the companies are at an advanced stage of launching a range of mobile phone and tablet device accessories utilising Nanene, which will also feature the Nanene branding.

MediaDevil founders Callum Bush and Joe Tang said: "We at MediaDevil are very pleased and proud to enter into this partnership with Versarien, the company at the forefront of advanced materials development in the UK.

"We've been working on this ambitious project with Versarien for some time and have now reached our goal of incorporating Nanene into audio products, with results surpassing our expectations.

"We hope that this partnership will be one way to bring the phenomenal advances in technology that graphene allows to everyone's daily lives."

Versarien CEO Neill Ricketts commented: "We are delighted to have signed this agreement with MediaDevil, which will see our Nanene brand used with consumer goods for the first time.

"Utilising Nanene, MediaDevil will not only be able to supply product with significantly enhanced characteristics, but will be able to promote the advantages of using graphene through the presence of our premier graphene brand.

"The relationship with MediaDevil is an important step for Versarien and illustrates our ability to engage both directly with commercial partners and indirectly with consumers to further promote the benefits that our Nanene branded graphene can provide."

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