- Healthcare company investor Syncona said it was tilting investment strategy to focus more on conservative investments such as cash and bonds.

The company said it had been focusing its capital pool on liquidity and capital preservation in order to support its strategy and key goal of funding life science companies.

'To support this strategy, we will be simplifying the management of Syncona's capital pool,' it said.

'Accordingly, over the next three to six months, Syncona will be significantly reducing its fund investments and further increasing its weighting to cash, cash equivalents and fixed income products with higher liquidity and lower volatility.'

Chief executive Martin Murphy said the move was a 'natural step' for the management of its capital pool.

'Our life science portfolio has generated significant value to date, with the offer for Nightstar demonstrating our ability to deliver strong returns,' he said.

'Successful life science companies scale rapidly, and our existing portfolio is now at the stage where our strategic capital pool ideally positions Syncona to capitalise on the commercial opportunities ahead of us.'

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