- Summit Therapeutics said it had presented proof of concept data for a series of new antibiotics at a conference in Amsterdam.

The data was presented for a DDS-04 series of new mechanism antibiotics targeting Enterobacteriaceae at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases.

Enterobacteriaceae are a family of gram-negative bacteria responsible for a large number of severe and often deadly infections.

In the data presented, a DDS-04 series compound cured infection in a translationally-relevant animal model of urinary tract infection, one of the major sites for Enterobacteriaceae infection.

Therapeutic concentrations of the DDS-04 compound were also observed in other major sites in the animal model where life-threatening Enterobacteriaceae infections occurred, including the lungs and the bloodstream.

'Patients with Enterobacteriaceae infections are increasingly at risk for poor outcomes due to the spread of antimicrobial resistance,' said R&D head David Roblin.

'Mainstay treatments are losing their effectiveness, and patients do not have the luxury of time to fail antibiotic therapy.'

'There is a pressing need for new, targeted Enterobacteriaceae antibiotics that can serve to improve patient outcomes.'

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