- Sabien Technology has been awarded two contracts totalling £335,850.

The two contracts bring total sales orders for the period of July to November 2010 to an aggregate total of £1.3m, all of which will be recognised as sales revenue during this financial year (year end 30 June 2011).

This represents a 33% increase over total sales revenue for the whole of the last financial year ended 30 June 2010.

CEO Alan O'Brien says : "The Norland M2G contract is a great endorsement as it represents a repeat order for M2G reinforcing just how effective the technology is at reducing gas consumption and CO2 emissions.

"We are also delighted to have been awarded a contract by Lincolnshire County Council as yet again it reinforces the key role M2G is now playing in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions within local authorities."

By mid afternoon the share price had edged up 0.5p to 31.5p - a gain of 1.61% since last night's close.

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