- Addex Therapeutics has reported positive preclinical data for ADX71441 as a treatment for chronic alcohol dependence.

Addex said ADX71441 - an oral GABAB receptor positive allosteric modulator - demonstrated robust and dose-dependent suppression of alcohol intake in animals lasting 24 hours.

Professor Klaus Miczek at Tufts University in whose laboratory the study was performed said: "These data support and expand those obtained previously in a mouse model of binge alcohol drinking with this molecule. Taken together, they offer strong evidence that ADX71441 can be used as a treatment of binge drinking and chronic alcohol dependence."

ADX71441 is an oral small molecule, with potential for once daily dosing, which selectively activates GABAB receptor. The compound was evaluated in an intermittent access to alcohol model of chronic alcohol dependence in mice.

This procedure generates excessive voluntary alcohol drinking after animals are given 24-hour access to alcohol concomitant to water every other day.

In animals with a history of 4 weeks of excessive drinking, oral ADX71441 (3, 10, 17 mg/kg), administered acutely, resulted in a dose-dependent suppression of alcohol intake, achieving 70% reductions at the higher doses (17 mg/kg) in comparison to vehicle treatment.

Significant reductions in alcohol consumption in response to ADX71441 treatment were present for the entire 24-hour alcohol access period. The effect of ADX71441 in this model was more robust and longer-lasting than that seen in mice treated with naltrexone, used in the study as a positive control.

Also, the effect of ADX71441 was characterized with remarkable behavioral specificity since water consumption was not influenced by the treatment.

Addex chief scientific officer Graham Dixon said: "These data again support the potential of ADX71441 in a broad range of indications.

"We believe that a, once-a-day, well-tolerated, efficacious oral treatment for alcoholism would represent a major advance in the treatment of this devastating condition."

Oral small molecule GABAB receptor PAMs have broad potential in multiple indications and Addex has previously demonstrated positive proof of concept in a range of preclinical models including those of pain, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and overactive bladder (OAB).

Based on ADX71441 current data package, Addex is positioning the drug candidate as a treatment for the rare disease CMT1a, a form of peripheral neuropathy as well as for patients with spasticity, e.g. in multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury.

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