- Forbidden Technologies has reached agreement for Channel 5 to acquire and integrate a FORscene server with immediate effect. Agreement follows a six-month trial which impressed Channel 5 with its workflow efficiencies.

Channel 5 staff had successfully used the system without the need for formal training and were ultimately influential in the decision to purchase.

FORscene proved especially valuable as a logging and rough-cut tool on the programme 'Go Hard or Go Home' where it replaced tape and paper-based logging. Channel 5 will deploy FORscene from the outset of its next production, 'The Great Christmas Toy Giveaway' and plans to test the full potential of the platform.

Forbidden Technologies chief executive Stephen Streater said: "I first worked with Channel 5 back in 2005 when it became the first broadcaster to log a TV series in FORscene. In the eight years since then, FORscene has been transformed into something far more than a logging tool. Its simplicity and power make it well suited to logging and sync pulls at Channel 5 and its editing functions are an added bonus."

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