- ANGLE has welcomed initial findings from a study using its Parsortix system to analyse circulating tumour cells in metastatic liver cancer patients.

Hari Nageswaran, a clinical research Fellow from the University of Surrey's oncology department, presented initial data from the study at the 4th annual Circulate conference in Berlin.

Circulate is an annual conference for scientists, medical researchers, diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies pioneering the emerging field of CTCs and circulating cancer biomarkers. In the study, entitled 'Use of a new size based CTC capture and harvest technology for colorectal cancer studies', the Parsortix system was used to investigate the number of CTCs in the blood of colorectal cancer patients who, following surgery to remove the cancer from the colon and chemotherapy, had relapsed with secondary liver cancer.

The study compares the CTC count in the peripheral and hepatic (liver) veins, from bloods taken during surgery to remove a section of the liver. Even though these patients had undergone surgery to remove their primary tumour and had chemotherapy, the Parsortix system was still able to capture CTCs, from 2ml blood samples, in the peripheral blood of 65% of the patients and in the hepatic blood of 82% of the patients, a significantly higher proportion than might be expected with other systems. The study revealed a higher concentration of CTCs found in the hepatic blood than the peripheral blood, indicating that CTC concentration in the blood is higher when in closer proximity to the location of the secondary cancer. The study has now been extended to investigate the CTC concentration in the hepatic vein before and after surgery and the initial findings suggest that the concentration of CTCs is higher after surgery than before. If further work confirms that this is the case, then it will be an important finding as it will indicate that the process of surgery itself may result in the release of CTCs into the bloodstream.

ANGLE's founder and chief executive, Andrew Newland, commented: "We are delighted that use of the Parsortix system by Mr Nageswaran as part of his clinical research may, if the initial data points are confirmed, lead to important medical findings for the benefit of liver cancer patients in the future. "We are also pleased with the interest in the Parsortix system seen at the Circulate conference and enthusiastic about the potential for the adoption of the system as part of a new approach of personalised care in treating cancer patients over the coming years."

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