- Reach4Entertainment said it delivered an encouraging set of interim results and that trading has continued to be solid and directors remained confident it would meet FY market expectations.

SpotCo, the Group's New York based theatre and live entertainment marketing business, delivered a strong performance in the first half of the year, boosted by a number of significant, one-off projects.

The division has continued to perform well and it is likely that, given the impact of these one-off projects, performance in the second half of the financial year will match that of the first, rather than display the normal seasonal outperformance.

Conditions in the West End theatre market, where Dewynters, the Group's London based theatre and live entertainment business primarily operates, remain subdued and challenging.

The division's position as market leader and association with established, long-running shows including Wicked, Les Miserables, Mamma Mia! andThe Phantom of the Opera, provides stability to its revenue stream. However, it is unlikely that the usual second half strength will be evident.

Newman Displays', the Group's signage and fascia business, performance remains satisfactory, despite the global downturn in film revenues.

Most recently, work has involved delivering projects associated with the London Film Festival. The division's performance is traditionally second half weighted and the Group anticipates that this cyclical trend will be repeated again this financial year.

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