- WH Ireland has booked a FY pretax profit of £0.5m, from £1.7m. Revenue was £30m, from £29.7m. It proposed a final dividend of 2p a share, from 1.5p. Total assets under management rose 8.4% to £2.7bn.

CEO Richard Killingbeck said:

"The new management team has had a busy year in bringing greater focus to both divisions. This year of transition has resulted in some "one-off" charges and by their very definition will not be repeated.

"Adjusting for these "one-off" charges operating profitability would have increased over the figures reported last year.

"We are well placed to continue to build upon the positive momentum achieved during the past year. In the Corporate Broking division the focus will remain on the continued growth in the number of corporate clients and the successful execution of corporate transactions whilst the Private Wealth Management division will continue to focus upon the growth of fee paying discretionary and advisory assets.

"Both divisions have contributed to this growth which encourages me immensely and reinforces my positive outlook for WH Ireland in the year ahead."

Private Wealth Management Highlights:

· Total assets under management increased by 8.4% to £2.7bn (2013: £2.5bn)

· Strong increase in discretionary assets under management of 42.7% to £0.7bn (2013: £0.5bn)

· Management fee income increased by 25.6% to £4.9m (2013: £3.9m)

· Commission income increased by 1.8% to £11.3m (2013: £11.1m)

Corporate Broking:

· Further growth in number of retained corporate clients to 93 (2013: 85)

· Retainer fee income rose by 6.7% to £3.2m (2013: £3.0m)

· Transaction fees fell by 14.0% to £4.9m (2013: £5.7m)

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