- Greenshields, the farmer, owner and contractor of arable farmland in the northern grain belt, announces that it is seeking admission to AIM. The northern grain belt is a phrase used by the Group to describe the strip of arable farm land stretching up the east coast of the UK from the Humber estuary in England to the river Tay in Scotland ("Northern Grain Belt"). Greenshields is principally engaged in the production of grain and currently farms over 3,500 acres of farmland in the Northern Grain Belt, of which over 2,850 acres are owned by the Group. Upon Admission, the Group would be the only UK publically traded company providing investors with access to UK farmland ownership and an established arable farming business. The group's growth strategy is to expand its farming operations and to acquire further arable land at favourable prices in order to benefit from expected appreciation in land values.

The group is seeking the admission of its ordinary shares to trading on AIM in conjunction with a placing to raise approximately £3.0m. It is intended that the proceeds of the Placing will be used to acquire additional farmland in the Northern Grain Belt, commencing with 220 acres in Northumberland which will be acquired upon admission in addition to investing in: · crop production, entitlement purchase, storage and transportation;

· farm equipment

· related agricultural businesses

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