- Frenkel Topping posts pre-tax profits of £1.57m for the year to the end of December - 12.2% up on last time.

Frenkel Topping - a leading provider of specialist independent financial advice on the investment of personal injury damages and clinical negligence awards - saw revenues rise by 3.3% to £5.69m with recurring revenues of £4.20m (2013: £3.86m).

Gross profit rose by 9.9% to £3.90m (2013: £3.55m) and operating profit (before share based payments) increased by 21.7% to £1.75m.

Assets under management rose by 10.9% to £619m (as at 31 December 2013: £558m). Total dividends (paid and proposed) up 22.4% to 0.71p per share (2013: 0.58p).

Chairman David Southworth said: "The Company is in a very strong position as a leader in our market, but also financially, to continue to grow the business and to increase funds under management substantially. We are investing in increasing our network of Fee Earning Consultants across England and Wales which we expect will have a positive impact on growth rates from 2016 onwards, in terms of both profits and funds under management. The new financial year has started well and we are confident that we can deliver accelerated growth in the years to come."

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