- Gresham Computing - a leading software and services company that specialises in providing real-time financial transaction control software to the global matching and reconciliation market - has clinched a significant CTC contract win.

Gresham says one of the world's leading insurance brokers has purchased CTC as a strategic control platform for real-time matching and reconciliation of transaction data across global operations.

CTC will assist the broker in improving operational control and delivering efficiencies whilst meeting their growing regulatory obligations.

CTC will initially be used by the insurance broker in two main areas:

(1) matching and reconciliation of non-standardised intercompany transactions

(2) matching and reconciliation of standardised transactions on the London bureau market against the broker's internal systems.

These initial phases will be followed by the use of CTC for the matching and reconciliation of non-standardised non-bureau transactions.

Going forward, CTC will be used for the reconciliation and control of insurance transactions in all global markets, either introducing new controls or replacing existing ones.

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