- Specialist medtech company ANGLE says highly encouraging results in support of the use of its Parsortix system in the detection of ovarian cancer have been published by the Medical University of Vienna.

ANGLE says that further to the announcement on 27 January , the Medical University of Vienna - one of the company's key opinion leaders - has extended the work undertaken and published results from its work with the Parsortix system at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2015 being held in Philadelphia.

Following the results announced in January, the Medical University of Vienna submitted a late-breaking abstract and we are extremely pleased that this was accepted for publication as a poster at the conference, which is released today. Professor Robert Zeillinger and Dr Eva Obermayr are attending the conference to support the poster. The poster can be downloaded from the ANGLE website at:

The poster significantly extends the work announced in January in terms of the number of patients analysed, the types of cancers considered and the performance achieved.

The study evaluated a total of 65 patients, comprising 42 cancer patients and 23 healthy normal volunteers. The cancer patients consisted of 24 ovarian cancer, 6 cervical cancer, 5 endometrial cancer and 7 breast cancer cases.

The analysis of 7 RNA markers yielded 100% specificity, which indicates no false positives, a major problem with existing techniques. The sensitivity of ovarian cancer was 80% at the point of diagnosis and 78% at relapse, which compares favourably to the 24.5% sensitivity, which is the best that has been achieved with other circulating tumour cell systems.

The important new data shows that a sensitivity of 71% was achieved with the metastatic breast cancer patients, which is more than twice as high as achieved in studies using other CTC systems.

ANGLE's Parsortix system together with the RNA marker panel has the potential to help inform clinical decision-making for ovarian cancer patients in:

· Detection of cancer in high risk or genetically pre-disposed patients (detection)

· Monitoring therapy and selection of therapies in treatment of ovarian cancer patients (therapy monitoring)

· Monitoring of ovarian cancer patients in remission for early detection of relapse (remission monitoring)

ANGLE estimates that the ovarian cancer sales potential for the Parsortix system in Europe and the United States would be in excess of £300 million per annum.

ANGLE founder and chief executive Andrew Newland said: "The prospect of a simple blood test for cancer detection with such high sensitivity and specificity is extremely exciting. The results published today by Medical University of Vienna substantiate the early findings in ovarian cancer and extend the opportunity into breast cancer and other gynaecological cancers."

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