- Audioboom, the leading spoken-word audio on-demand mobile platform, has confirmed the global integration of its iOS and Android apps with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto respectively.

Using the Audioboom app, users can now listen to the very best spoken-word content, on demand, while in their car.

Changes to Audioboom's iOS and Android apps allow them to be integrated into over thirty of the biggest car manufacturers in the world using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Manufacturers include Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot and Renault.

Users can simply open the Audioboom app on their phone and plug it in using the car's in-built USB port.

The app will then seamlessly take over the vehicle's built-in display. Users can navigate through the app as usual, browsing through audio clips by category or what's trending using their car's touch control system on the dashboard or through their steering wheel controls. This is another breakthrough into the commuter market for Audioboom, who recently announced a deal with in-car entertainment specialist Aupeo, a system which is currently available on more than five million vehicles globally. Audioboom chief executive Rob Proctor said: "2015 was always going to be the year Audioboom targeted the car, as 80% of all audio listening comes from drivers. With our Aupeo partnership and now the integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Audioboom is at the forefront of reinventing the in-car audio experience."

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