- IXICO, the brain health company, has released a beta version of MyBrainBook, its digital support platform for evaluation by people with dementia and their carers.

MyBrainBook is being made available for free evaluation during the beta phase to those who would like to start using it and contributing to its ongoing evolution and improvement as a support tool at the leading edge of digital dementia care. The goal of MyBrainBook is to put people with dementia at the centre of decisions about their care, connecting them with family, health and social care support that can enable them to live independently for longer. Further information including a video introducing MyBrainBook is available at

Chief executive Professor Derek Hill said: "MyBrainBook is at the heart of IXICO's evolving digital healthcare platform and one of our key initiatives to improve the lives of people being diagnosed with dementia and their families. From the outset we have been working with potential users to develop MyBrainBook so that it is both relevant and user-friendly."

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