- Motif Bio said subsidiary Motif BioSciences Inc has signed Letters of Intent (LOIs) and interim agreements with a leading global Clinical Research Organisation (CRO).

Under the terms of these interim agreements, the CRO will undertake preparations for two Phase III, randomised, double-blind, multicenter clinical trials to evaluate the efficacy and safety of intravenous iclaprim versus vancomycin in the treatment of acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections ("ABSSSIs") suspected or confirmed to be due to Gram-positive pathogens.

Iclaprim is a broad-spectrum antibiotic designed to be effective against multi-drug resistant bacteria. Motif is investing over US$950,000 under the terms of the interim agreements, to be paid by 31 July 2015. Pursuant to the LOIs, the parties will negotiate the terms and conditions of a mutually acceptable formal agreement for the conduct of the two studies.

The selected CRO is one of the world's top five providers of Phase I-IV clinical trial management services and to date, has contributed to the development of all of the top 50 prescription medicines on the market. The CRO has unique insights into infectious disease clinical trials with over 17,000 patients in more than 150 studies.

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