- Gresham - a leading software and services company that specialises in providing real-time financial transaction control software - has announced a new customer win in North America.

Gresham says a leading North America based provider of solutions for the pre-paid products market has contracted with Gresham to use CTC to control and reconcile payment transaction data within its settlement operations and accounting functions.

Gresham's PCI-DSS accredited CTC was selected after a competitive RFP and Proof of Concept process, as the only vendor solution able to achieve the customer's significant transaction volume and real-time control requirements.

This win will provide a solid contribution to our planned CTC revenues in the current and future years, and has the potential to add further revenues as the customer's use of CTC grows.

Chief executive Ian Manocha said: "We are delighted to have secured another market-leader in a new segment for the Group. This win underlines the versatility and power of our CTC platform to provide real-time transaction control solutions across multiple industries and channels. I am particularly pleased to report this win in North America in light of our ongoing investment in this region and our recent PCI-DSS accreditation."

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