- Eurasia Mining's [LON:EUA] shares jumped after Russia prime minister Dmitry Medvedev approved the company's application for a mining licence of 21.5 square kilometres at West Kytlim in the Urals.

The announcement appeared on the Russian government's website this morning, prior to the Company having been informed.

The licence is granted to Eurasia's subsidiary, ZAO Kosvinsky Kamen, on the basis of first discovery and includes the rights for extraction of platinum and gold.

RosNedra, the licensing agency, has informed the company that the formal licence will now be registered in late August or early September. The one-off lump-sum payment due to the government, to be paid within 30 days of registration of the licence, is RUB2,126,000 or approximately £24,000. RosNedra has informed the company that the figure of RUB21,260,000 quoted earlier on the government website is a misprint.

* * *

Beowulf Mining [LON:BEM] has welcomed findings by the County Administrative Board for Norrbotten County, Sweden, that a mining project in the area can deliver significant economic benefits.

The CAB was asked by the Swedish government to provide comments on the national economic assessment of Kallak North.

The CAB's findings are that:

· Mining is economically relevant and that the Kallak North project generates economic benefits at local, regional and national levels, including direct and indirect jobs, tax revenues, and more broadly across mining equipment and services sectors in Sweden.

· The concession area applied for by the company creates no conflicts where national interests are considered.

· The concession is designated as an Area of National Interest for minerals.

· The Company should work with communities that could be affected by the development of a mining project, in order to eliminate or mitigate any impacts, including reindeer herders and Sami villages.

· The Company should consider in its ongoing studies the potential impact of its mining activities on tourism and transport infrastructure.

Chief executive Kurt Budge said: "We welcome the announcement by the CAB, and its important findings that a mining project can deliver significant economic benefits for Jokkmokk, Norrbotten County, and for Sweden.

"These findings add to the list of arguments for why an Exploitation Concession for Kallak North should be granted: its ANI designation; the scale of the defined resource; and the 'super' high grade magnetite concentrate that can be generated from the orebody.

"With management change in Beowulf and a distinct change in approach in Sweden, we hope that we are clearly demonstrating our respect for all our stakeholders, our desire to partner, and our responsible attitude to development.

"We have heard the CAB's suggestions for areas we need to focus on in environmental permitting and we can assure the CAB and our other stakeholders that these areas will receive our full attention."

"With the ambitions expressed in the CAB's recent publication of the 'Regional strategy for innovation and sustainable development of the mineral sector' for Norrbotten and Västerbotten, we are very motivated to play a leading role in partnering with stakeholders and delivering sustainable economic growth in Jokkmokk and Norrbotten.

"The company is confident its application for an Exploitation Concession has met the requirements of the Swedish regulations and we will be in contact with the Swedish Government, after the summer holidays, to understand the Exploitation Concession decision making process following CAB's positive feedback, and will provide a further update to the market in due course."

* * *

Condor Gold [LON:CNR] has granted 1.275 million share options under its existing share options scheme to directors and other staff.

* * *

Edenville Energy's [LON:EDL] board is very pleased with the positive nature of recent meetings in Tanzania with Shandong Electric Power Construction No.2 Co.

Edenville says that during the week of 29 June the first in a series of planned meetings took place in Dar es Salaam, with management and directors of Edenville meeting SEPCO2.

Additionally, senior representatives of SEPCO2 and Edenville took part in discussions with Tanzanian government organisations, engineering contractors and construction material suppliers.

Edenville says the meetings were very productive, allowing SEPCO2 to gain an insight into the logistics and costs associated with a Tanzanian project. Both parties will continue discussions in the coming weeks under a defined framework for advancement of the Rukwa Coal Project in the context of Tanzania's requirement for coal-based power generation.

Chief executive Rufus Short said: "The meetings in Tanzania have given SEPCO2 a detailed understanding of the costs along with the technical and regulatory parameters associated with the Rukwa coal to power project.

"The directors of Edenville have gained a greater understanding of how SEPCO2 operates and we are very encouraged by their knowledge and experience in developing coal fired power plants in the region.

"On a macro scale, elements of the project are coming together with continued support for coal based power generation from the Tanzanian government. At a project level, the mining licence application was submitted at the end of June, another important step in de-risking the project and we continue to determine the best option for project development as we progress discussions with SEPCO2 and other groups.

"The board are very pleased with the positive nature of the recent meetings in Dar es Salaam and will continue to update our shareholders with material developments as they occur."

* * *

The sector's biggest faller was Red Rock Resources [LON:RRR] - down by more than 15.3% in late trading.

At 4:00pm:

[LON:AQP] Aquarius Platinum Ltd share price was -0.21p at 6.34p

[LON:BEM] Beowulf Mining PLC share price was +0.56p at 2.18p

[LON:BKY] Berkeley Resources Ltd share price was -0.5p at 14p

[LON:CEY] Centamin PLC share price was +0.98p at 59.18p

[LON:CHL] Churchill Mining PLC share price was -1.5p at 38.5p

[LON:CNR] Condor Gold PLC share price was -1p at 59.5p

[LON:CZA] Coal of Africa Ltd share price was +0.13p at 4.23p

[LON:EDL] Edenville Energy PLC share price was -0.01p at 0.07p

[LON:EUA] Eurasia Mining PLC share price was +0.5p at 1.75p

[LON:FDI] Firestone Diamonds PLC share price was 0p at 31p

[LON:FRES] Fresnillo PLC share price was +12p at 667.5p

[LON:GEMD] Gem Diamonds Ltd share price was -0.62p at 136.38p

[LON:HOC] Hochschild Mining PLC share price was +0.25p at 91p

[LON:KMR] Kenmare Resources PLC share price was +0.04p at 3.77p

[LON:VED] Vedanta Resources PLC share price was +17.9p at 473p

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