- Tekcapital said it has acquired the exclusive worldwide licencing rights to a portfolio of nine patents for the improvement of air conditioning efficiency from the University of Central Florida.

The technology is aimed at improving the efficiency of central air conditioning systems and is designed to achieve up to a 25% efficiency improvement in condenser fan operations, compared with existing air conditioning units.

The system incorporates a condenser fan design that is based on aircraft propeller design elements. The blades can also include an air-foil for improving the airflow efficiency and can also be configured to reduce noise. This technology portfolio has the potential to be incorporated into both new and existing air conditioning systems.

This intellectual property portfolio was developed and tested at the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), a research institute of the University of Central Florida.

The Center is staffed with world renowned researchers and scientists with expertise in engineering, energy research, building science, energy and policy analysis, and education and training.

The Directors believe that this technology portfolio represents an important, energy efficiency enhancement for air conditioning systems with the potential for market adoption via out-licensing.

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