- Gresham Computing - a leading software and services company that specialises in providing real-time financial transaction control and enterprise data integrity software - has won a new customer win in insurance.

Gresham says a global provider of insurance and asset management services has contracted to use the CTC platform within its Singapore-based businesses after a competitive RFP and Proof of Concept process.

CTC will be utilised to provide control and integrity of Nostro Bank Accounts, reconciling high value payments from customers against a number of internal policy ledger systems. Prior to implementing CTC these processes were managed using a combination of manual controls and spreadsheets; CTC will improve transaction integrity, create efficiencies and reduce operating costs, and will establish a robust global control framework for future projects. Gresham says this win will provide a solid contribution to the group's planned CTC revenues in the current and future years, and has the potential to add further revenues as the customer's use of CTC grows.

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