- Churchill Mining's [LON:CHL] shares were up in late trading despite losses for the six months to the end of December rising to USD1,858,975 or 1.39c per ordinary share (half year Dec 2014: USD1,055,727 or 0.85c per share and 12 months to June 2015: USD2,792,570 or 2.24c per share).

Other administrative expenses totalled USD1,909,428 (Dec 2014: USD933,067 and June 2015: USD2,553,370).

Significant expenditure items during the period include:

- Legal and professional fees of USD1,005,219 (Dec 2014: USD228,023 and June 2015: USD1,175,834) reflecting ongoing expenditure for the Company's arbitral claim against the Republic of Indonesia and the costs of preparing its defence to the London Stock Exchange's Statement of Claim as referred to in the Company's 2015 Annual Report.

- Consulting, directors, staff and professional fees of USD598,434 (Dec 2014: USD218,916 and June 2015: USD739,814).

* * *

Anglo American [LON:AAL] has completed the bond buy-back programme launched on 18 February, consisting of euro, sterling and US dollar denominated maturities from December 2016 to September 2018.

The group used $1.7 billion of cash to retire $1.83 billion of contractual repayment obligations (including derivatives hedging the bonds), resulting in an immediate reduction in net debt of $130 million.

Anglo American's bond maturities have been reduced by $250 million, $680 million and $900 million for 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively, reducing the Group's bond repayment obligations at original hedged rates to $1.4 billion, $1.9 billion and $2.5 billion respectively for these years. The notes purchased by Anglo American have been cancelled.

Anglo American finance director Rene Medori said: "The bond buybacks will benefit Anglo American by $190 million in total. We will continue to actively manage our debt profile as we progress with the Group's portfolio restructuring."

* * *

KEFI Minerals [LON:KEFI] has conditionally raised approximately GBP1.75 million, before expenses, through the issue of 499,359,791 new ordinary shares at 0.35p by way of a placing through Brandon Hill Capital Limited together with a subscription direct with the company by Ausdrill International Pty.

The proceeds are budgeted to cover further expenditures pending initial drawdown of project finance and to cater for activities across the company, principally development preparations for Tulu Kapi in Ethiopia and notably the project financing, but also refinement of the mining licence application for Jibal Qutman in Saudi Arabia, exploration activities and corporate costs.

* * *

Beowulf Mining [LON:BEM] has been awarded an additional claim reservation in north-west Finland within the Kolari graphite district.

In addition, preliminary geophysics fieldwork has been completed on the Haapam�ki and Piippum�ki graphite projects.

Fennoscandian Resources, Beowulf`s 100%-owned Finnish subsidiary, has been granted additional ground, Saarenpudas, within the prospective Kolari graphite district, immediately to the west of the Kolari claim reservation already held by the company.

The Kolari area is believed to be prospective for high-grade very fine to fine microcrystalline graphite. Previous exploration work at Saarenpudas by Rautaruukki Corporation in the 1970s identified an electromagnetic conductor over 1.5 kilometres in length, associated with graphitic schist.

Based on a combination of drilling and ground EM data, Mattila (1978) estimated an exploration target of three million tonnes ranging 15-30 per cent graphitic carbon within the Saarenpudas claim reservation.

Beowulf says Slingram EM surveys have been completed at the Haapam�ki and Piippum�ki projects and the data is now being analysed by Beowulf's geophysics consultants GeoVista AB. The findings will be used to visibly check conductors, when the Fennoscandian team continues its fieldwork on the projects, to better define targets for drilling.

Chief executive Kurt Budge said: "I am very pleased to announce the award of an additional Claim Reservation in Finland, increasing the area that we are investigating in the prospective Kolari graphite district, and the completion of low cost geophysics programmes at Haapam�ki and Pippum�ki; the data collected is now being analysed and we expect results in the coming weeks.

"We are actively looking at opportunities to generate value from our assets and give Beowulf exposure to the graphite value chain, from mine to market. With this in mind, Beowulf is assessing various public funding options that are available in the UK and EU to support research and development into market applications for our natural graphite. We have also initiated discussions with a downstream graphite company, exploring ways in which we might collaborate.

"We are very excited to be moving on multiple fronts with our graphite business and I look forward to updating the market on our progress in due course."

* * *

Jubilee Platinum [LON:JLP] and its subsidiary, Jubilee Processing Proprietary, have completed project funding for the execution and commissioning of both surface platinum processing projects.

The funding comprises a combination of senior secured debt to a maximum of USD10 million, unsecured debt to a maximum of USD5 million and an equity placing of GBP2.5 million.

The funding package allows Jubilee to execute simultaneously the two projects targeting the processing of 80 000 tonnes per month of surface material, while still being able to pursue the acquisition or securing of further surface or shallow platinum bearing opportunities.

At 3:58pm:

[LON:AAL] Anglo American PLC share price was -1.45p at 548.05p

[LON:AQP] Aquarius Platinum Ltd share price was +0.13p at 13.63p

[LON:BEM] Beowulf Mining PLC share price was -0.2p at 4.3p

[LON:BKY] Berkeley Energia Ltd share price was -0.63p at 25.75p

[LON:CEY] Centamin PLC share price was +0.83p at 90.08p

[LON:CHL] Churchill Mining PLC share price was +0.38p at 14.25p

[LON:CZA] Coal of Africa Ltd share price was -0.37p at 1.93p

[LON:FDI] Firestone Diamonds PLC share price was -0.5p at 23.25p

[LON:FRES] Fresnillo PLC share price was +9.75p at 990.25p

[LON:GEMD] Gem Diamonds Ltd share price was +0.63p at 109.38p

[LON:HOC] Hochschild Mining PLC share price was +5.25p at 91.25p

[LON:JLP] Jubilee Platinum PLC share price was -0.2p at 2.93p

[LON:KEFI] KEFI Minerals PLC share price was -0.01p at 0.35p

[LON:KMR] Kenmare Resources PLC share price was -0.09p at 1.01p

[LON:VED] Vedanta Resources PLC share price was +2.35p at 324.85p

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