- Proactis Holdings said P&O Ferrymasters (POFM) has selected the Proactis Supplier Network to streamline electronic communications across its supply chain and offer an accelerated payment facility.

POFM and Proactis have entered into a Partnership Agreement that will extend the current contracted relationship for the provision of Proactis' solutions for a further five years to June 2021 and also to utilise Proactis' Supplier Network technology to:

- Automate the processes of supplier engagement and record management through a self-service portal;

- Enable all suppliers to transact electronically with a full range of electronic invoice methods for all suppliers to adopt, increasing POFM's and their own efficiency by streamlining invoice handling;

- Present online transaction status visibility throughout the process to efficiently involve suppliers on a self-service basis to streamline communication; and

- Offer a flexible Accelerated Payment Facility which enables suppliers, on an invoice by invoice basis, to support their own economic situation with fast access to an early payment.

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