- Plant Health Care has commented on the progress it is making in building a portfolio of PREtec (Plant Response Elicitor technology) platforms, each of which has the potential to generate a pipeline of biological products to deliver significant increases in crop yields.


o The first platform, Innatus 3G, under contract with four industry majors, has entered its second year of evaluation.

o Innatus 3G peptides have previously been shown to raise yields in corn and soybean. More recent trials now show nematode suppression and resistance to plant diseases also.

o These performance attributes are strategic in-licensing targets for industry majors. Innatus 3G's demonstrated performance has led to partner interest in broadening their existing evaluation agreements.

o Beyond Innatus 3G, two distinctive new 3G peptide platforms have been characterised and patents filed. This is sooner than the Company had previously expected.

o One of these new 3G peptide platforms is expected to be presented to potential partners during the second half of 2016 with the target of achieving a revenue generating event during 2017.

o In addition to 3G, Plant Health Care is now actively seeking partners for its 4G genetic technology.

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