- XLMedia continued its strong performance in H1, with revenues of $51m, from $36.8m, and adjusted EBITDA of at least $17m, from $12.9m.

Over the period the Group continued to pursue its strategy of diversifying its business across geographies and verticals.

Revenues from identified countries are as follows; Scandinavia 48% (H1 2015: 51%), other European countries 29% (H1 2015: 25%) and North America 17% (H1 2015: 23%) during the period.

The Group's single largest customer accounted for just 7% of the Group's revenues (H1 2015: 11%) during the period.

Gambling revenues amounted for approximately 70% of the Group's revenues (H1 2015: 70%), with the rest in gaming and mobile applications, software, utilities, e-commerce and others.

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