- Frenkel Topping's assets under management rose to £687m at the end of June from £666m at the end of December, despite the market volatility that followed the Brexit vote.

The group says it now has in excess of £700m of assets under management.

The company says that in addition to strong AUM growth, it is making solid progress in migrating, where appropriate, its existing clients onto its internal discretionary fund management platform, Frenkel Topping Investment Management.

Three months after launch, the client migration process is now gathering momentum and we continue to work towards our target of migrating approximately £350m of AUM by 31 December 2016.

The migration and AUM performance are assisted by the strong performance of the six FTIM Safety First Funds that we created in January 2016 and were launched in April 2016. These portfolios have been carefully constructed to achieve their goals of stable, above inflation gains with capital preservation and minimal volatility.

It adds: "Safety First remains our apothegm and through the period of Brexit, the FTIM Safety First Funds have achieved excellent performance, whilst outperforming their volatility targets. This excellent performance positions the company well to win new AUM and ensure the smooth migration of existing clients."

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