- Haydale Graphene Industries' subsidiary Haydale Composite Solutions has been awarded a £310,000 contract extension by National Grid.

HCS waspreviously contracted by National Grid to design and develop a lightweight Composite Gas Transition Piece used to provide a support and seal around steel gas transmission pipelines passing through supporting concrete walls. With the current system it is currently difficult to inspect their condition.

The HCS solution was to develop with National Grid a concept to excavate an annulus in the concrete wall supporting the steel gas pipeline and insert two glass reinforced composite GTP mouldings at either end of the wall to provide support and an environmental seal around the steel gas pipeline.

The composite GTP seals can then be readily removed, without the need for heavy lifting equipment, extensive excavation work and hydro demolition to cut through the concrete walls.

The novel GTP mouldings enable engineers to carry out rapid inspections of the pipeline with considerable savings in their time and costs.

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