- Tiziana Life Sciences announces new data from animal studies demonstrating the potential of its novel oral therapy with foralumab (NI-0401) for NASH, diabetes and other life-threatening inflammatory diseases.

Tiziana's foralumab is the only fully human engineered anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody (mAb) in clinical development to date.


- Oral efficacy in humanized mouse models with foralumab (NI-0401), is a major milestone and a potential breakthrough for treatment of NASH and autoimmune disease

- Unique oral technology that stimulates the natural gut immune system and potentially provides a therapeutic effect in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases with virtually no toxicity

- Positive therapeutic effects of foralumab were consistently demonstrated in animal studies conducted by Prof. Kevan Herold (Yale University) and Prof. Howard Weiner (Harvard University).

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