- Aminex has issued an update on the company's drilling activity in the Ruvuma Basin, Tanzania, where the Ntorya-2 appraisal well was spudded on 21 December, with a planned total depth of 2,860 metres.

Drilling status and schedule:

- On 5 January the 17-inch hole section was cased and cemented to a depth of 1,326 metres.

- Drilling recommenced on 7 January in the 12-inch section which will be cased and cemented at 2,095 metres.

- Following this an 8.5-inch section is planned through the target Cretaceous formation to an estimated total depth of 2,860 metres.

- A 7-inch cemented liner is then expected to be set and a detailed analysis of the well data conducted prior to potential testing. This vertical well is targeting the same sandstone channel complex as the Ntorya-1 discovery which flow-tested gas at 20 mmcf/d, with 139 barrels of associated condensate, from a 3.5-metre sand interval.

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