- Totally anticipates its FY results to be marginally ahead of current market expectations.

Based on unaudited management accounts, it said revenues for the 12 months to Dec. 31, 2016, were expected to be no less than £3.7m.

Having made three acquisitions in the healthcare services sector in 2016 and secured new and renewed contracts, directors said Totally was making strides in its goal of being the leading provider of out of hospital care in UK.

The acquisitions were worth a total maximum consideration of up to £15.1m, while the new and renewed contracts had a value or more than £1.7m a year in revenues.

"The Board is also pleased to confirm that the Company has made a positive start to the new financial year with its five subsidiary businesses continuing to secure new business and renew existing contracts with both the NHS England and private sector organisations," said Totally.

In addition, it continued to execute on its 'buy and build' strategy as it sought further acquisition opportunities that complemented its offering, focused on the UK outsourced healthcare services market, which has been estimated by the Centre for Health and the Public Interest in 2015 to be worth in excess of £20bn a year.

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