- Global Petroleum has entered into a contract with Seabird Exploration in order to acquire 834 km of full fold 2D seismic data covering Global's operated block (PEL 0029) in Namibia.

Global said: "WThe survey has been designed as an infill programme with the aim of providing better delineation of an extremely large, multi-level, dip closed prospect - Gemsbok -which has been mapped in the south eastern portion of the Global acreage.

"The new 2D survey is expected significantly to clarify the nature and extent of Gemsbok.

"In addition, the survey has been specifically designed to improve resolution of the deeper syn-rift section adjacent to the Gemsbok structure, as well as to provide a more accurate understanding of the deeper sedimentary sequence where it is believed potential source rocks are likely to be present."

Global said it expected that the survey would start towards the end of June/early July and would take approximately two weeks to complete.

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