- Frontier Developments chief executive David Braben, chief operating officer David Walsh and chief creative officer Jonathan Watts intend to sell 3,850,748 ordinary shares at 920p apiece.

Braben, Walsh and Watts intend to sell 3 million, 722,910 and 127,838 shares respectively.

The company said it had been notified today that, prior to the placing, Walsh and Watts intended to exercise 300,000 and 100,000 options over ordinary shares respectively.

It said that in respect of Walsh's 300,000 Options, he intended to exercise 20,000 options at 89.0p each, 180,000 at 95.0p and 100,000 at 257.5p.

It said the 100,000 options held by Watts had an exercise price of 257.5p apiece.

Frontier said the selling shareholders had undertaken not dispose of any further ordinary shares for a period ending on the first anniversary of completion of the placing, without the prior written consent of Liberum and finnCap.

Braben will hold 14,160,953 shares - a 37.1% stake in the company, assuming all placing shares are sold. Walsh will not old and shares and Watts will hold 40,000.

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