- ANGLE has announced that its Parsortix system is the subject of a peer-reviewed publication in the journal Oncotarget detailing work undertaken by ANGLE's customer, University Hospital Muenster in Germany.

ANGLE said Muenster undertook a detailed evaluation of performance of four different types of systems in their ability to harvest circulating tumour cells (CTCs) for clear cell renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) patients.

The approaches evaluated were (i) antibody-based capture (EpCAM), (ii) density-based separation and CD45 negative depletion (removal of white blood cells), (iii) negative enrichment (removal of white blood cells) and density based centrifugation, and (iv) the Parsortix system.

It showed that the Parsortix system out-performed all the other systems on all the measures investigated and was recommended by the investigators as the system to use in patients with such renal cell carcinomas.

In particular, the Parsortix system had both the highest cell recovery and the highest purity of all the approaches studied.

ANGLE founder and chief executive, Andrew Newland, said: 'This published study further demonstrates that the Parsortix system outperforms others for harvesting circulating tumour cells from the blood of cancer patients in the fast emerging liquid biopsy market.

'ANGLE's strategy of promoting research use sales to drive widespread adoption of its CTC harvesting system has now delivered a seventh positive peer-reviewed publication on the utility of the Parsortix system, this time in the renal cancer setting.'

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