- Deltex Medical has announced the launch this week of its revolutionary concept in advanced haemodynamic monitoring, the TrueVue system.

The group said the TrueVue system comprised three distinct best-in-class advanced haemodynamic monitoring technologies on a single platform (the CardioQ-ODM+):

- TrueVue Doppler: high-end ODM technology providing beat-to-beat imaging of cardiac output for monitoring sedated patients and easy calibration/recalibration of arterial pressure cardiac output

- TrueVue Impedance: non-invasive, high definition impedance cardiography for monitoring awake patients, both mobile and immobile

- TrueVue Loops: unique real-time biomarkers for early detection of hypo- and hyper-volaemia, hypo- and hyper-tension and real-time display of responses to treatment

It said the TrueVue system was being featured at Deltex's booth at Anesthesiology 2017, the annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists in Boston - the largest anaesthesia conference in the US.

The group said use of TrueVue Impedance in the US was subject to FDA approval: the submission (510K) had been submitted and not yet granted.

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