- Seeing Machines executive chairman Ken Kroeger has mentioned the company's strategic outlook for the year ahead at its annual shareholder meeting, though no specific financial guidance was provided.

According to speech notes for the meeting, Kroeger will say:

"Over the last four years, our incredible founders and their teams of technical experts have leveraged artificial intelligence, machine learning, the ongoing evolution of digital camera technology and human factors sciences to put us in a world leading position.

"In parallel, our business leaders have established deep commercial relationships with some of the world's highest performing organisations across the automotive sector, commercial road transport, the rail and mining industries and, excitingly, multiple subsets of aviation and aerospace.

"The last two years have seen significant growth across the entire company and we're incredibly proud of the international talent that today makes Seeing Machines home." "I strongly believe that our hard work and planning have put Seeing Machines into an enviable position - the company uniquely intersects vehicle autonomy, artificial intelligence and transport telematics. We look forward to delivering value across all our target sectors and to society as well as to delivering the expectant returns that our broad stakeholders and shareholders deserve."

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