- Kosmos Energy announced Monday that it has completed drilling the Requin Tigre-1 exploration well but the prospect was unsuccessful.

The well was drilled to a total depth of 5,200 meters and was designed to evaluate Cenomanian and Albian reservoirs.

'The prospect was fully tested but did not encounter hydrocarbons,' the company said. 'Post-well analysis is currently ongoing to determine the reasons it was unsuccessful.'

Andrew G. Inglis, chairman and chief executive officer, said: 'Requin Tigre was the last well in our second phase of exploration of the deepwater Cretaceous petroleum systems offshore Mauritania and Senegal targeting large basin floor fan structures.'

'We have delivered one success (Yakaar) in four wells in this second phase program, following three successes in three wells (Tortue, Marsouin, Teranga) in the first phase program targeting inboard structures on the slope.'

'Overall we have discovered gross resource of 40 trillion cubic feet, at a net cost of $0.20 per barrel of oil equivalent benefiting from the partner carry, and have created the potential for two world scale LNG hubs.'

'We will rigorously evaluate our large inventory of prospects across Mauritania and Senegal ahead of the next phase of exploration offshore the two countries.'

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