- PureTech Health said it had entered into a multi-year collaboration with Roche to advance PureTech's milk-derived exosome platform technology.

The technology would be applied to assist in the oral administration of Roche's antisense oligonucleotide platform.

Under the terms of the agreement, PureTech Health would receive up to $36m, including upfront payments, research support, and early pre-clinical milestones.

It would also be eligible to potentially receive development milestone payments of over $1bn, and additional sales milestones and royalties for an undisclosed number of products.

The company's milk exosome-based technology was designed to facilitate the oral administration of complex payloads, such as nucleic acids, peptides, and small molecules.

The exosomes were believed to traffic via lymphatic circulation and could potentially enable the targeting of immune cells in novel ways.

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