- Drug company Amryt said Wednesday it expected to receive the readout from its Epidermolysis Bullosa clinical trial in early January.

The update comes as Amryt received confirmation that the Independent Data Monitoring Committee was scheduled to meet on 21 December to review the company's EASE unblinded interim efficacy analysis results.

Ahead of the release of the readout, the company touted three possible outcomes, including a continuation of the study with no change to sample size, which would reflect conditional statistical power of at least 80% or better; an increase in the number of patients in the study to maintain an 80% conditional statistical power; or a discontinuation of the study due to futility.

The trail included patients suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa, a genetic skin disorder, that can cause skin to blister and tear from the slightest friction or trauma, and can, in some cases, cause blistering and erosion of the epithelial lining of internal organs. 'Initiation of the first trial site in the US allows us to further accelerate patient enrolment for EASE and crucially, means that eligible American sufferers of this rare condition will be able to take part in this potentially life changing trial. We look forward to updating the market with the recommendation of the independent data monitoring committee following our unblinded interim efficacy analysis which potentially represents a significant milestone for the Company,' said Joe Wiley, CEO of Amryt Pharma. Story provided by