- Schroder AsiaPacific Fund said its performance improved in the first half, owing to stock selection.

The company's net asset value total return for the six months through March was 2.2%, versus 1.9% benchmark return over the same time period.

Schroder AsiaPacific Fund also announced that it agreed a reduction in management fees charged to shareholders.

The first tier would be removed and fees would be charged at the rate of 0.80% per annum on the first £600m of assets and 0.75% per annum thereafter.

That compared to the current fee of 0.90% per annum on the first £300m, 0.80% on £300m-to-£600m and 0.75% thereafter.

'There is a sense that the trade frictions between China and the US are approaching a pivotal moment,' chairman Nicholas Smith said.

'While the outcome is hard to anticipate, and will remain a major influence on short-term market movements, we want the portfolio to stay true to what created its historic success: finding Asia's winners.'

'Asia is full of companies ideally placed to create or exploit the technologies of the future and the continued growth of the local economies.'

'Your company will continue to provide investors with a carefully selected portfolio of the best of them.'

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