- Proton therapy system developer Advanced Oncotherapy announced 'positive' results from its comparative study, further demonstrating the competitive advantages of its proprietary proton accelerator.

The purpose of the study was to compare the efficiency of both types of proton accelerators.

The analysis showed that LIGHT, the company's proprietary proton accelerator, had a transmission of more than 95% for all the energies required to treat patients. In contrast, the transmission of a conventional cyclotron with energy degraders was less than 20% for an energy of 170MeV and less than 50% for an energy of 210MeV, the company said.

The results of this study provided further evidence that LIGHT had been designed to make cancer treatment 'more affordable and accessible by reducing concerns over safety and lowering the costs associated with the extensive shielding requirements needed with traditional technologies,' it added.

'This study shows how fundamentally different the LIGHT system is. Instead of accelerating protons in a spiral, LIGHT speeds up the protons in a straight line. This design results in a much higher transmission, and this opens up a myriad of benefits for patients and customers,' said Prof. Stephen Myers, Executive Chairman of ADAM.

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