- Faron Pharmaceuticals hailed the progress of its clinical study over the last few months which indicated potential early efficacy and good tolerability for its cancer treatment.

The company said it expected to progress the cohort expansion phase of the study in the third quarter of 2019 in patients with late-stage colorectal cancer. With more data generated, we will 'seek guidance from regulators regarding the best and fastest pathway to secure initial approval of Clevegen as a single-agent treatment,' it added.

The latest data from the open label phase I/II MATINS clinical trial investigated the safety and efficacy of Clevegen, Faron's wholly-owned novel precision cancer immunotherapy, in selected metastatic or inoperable solid tumours.

The company also said it hoped to conclude partnering talks during the second half of the year, paving the way to expand clinical development to include combination studies exploring the potential of Clevegen in combination with existing immunotherapies.

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