- Russian construction company Etalon group said it had completed the purchase of the remaining 49% stake in Leader-Invest from Sistema for RUB 14.6bn.

Leader-Invest, one of the largest players on Moscow's residential development market by size of landbank and number of available-for-sale projects, focused primarily on infill development and large scale integrated urban development projects in the comfort, business and premium class segments.

As of 31 December 2018, Leader-Invest's project portfolio, including the acquisition of LSR's stake in the ZIL-Yug project, was valued at RUB 86,266m, according to Knight Frank.

Leader-Invest's project portfolio, including the recently consolidated ZIL-Yug project, consistsed of 31 projects currently at the construction and design stages, as well as unsold residential real estate at eight completed residential complexes and commercial real estate, with a total NSA of 1.9m sqm.

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