- Advanced surface coating technology provider Hardide said it had ordered three new coating reactors orders, boosting capacity and capability of its coating facilities in the UK and USA.

Two of these reactors would be installed in the new 20,000 foot square Bicester premises as part of the company's move, which included relocating its existing three reactors. The third new reactor would be installed in Martinsville, Virginia in Spring 2020, taking the number of reactors there to four, the company said.

The group would have nine reactors once these new ones had been installed, which would provide a significant increase in production capacity in anticipation of increased demand, the company added.

'The company is making good progress with its planning for transitioning to the new Bicester site. The new facility will double the floor space currently available. As a newly built unit, it will enable operational efficiencies and a much-improved layout. The move to the new site is expected to be completed by September 2020,' Hardide said.

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