- Clinical AI technology company Sensyne Health has joined Bayer's LifeHub UK to accelerate the development of new treatments using clinical artificial intelligence.

In an extension of its existing collaboration with Bayer, Sensyne Health will work in partnership with Bayer on novel projects at the LifeHub UK, including its inaugural project, the development of AI-enabled radiology to enhance patient outcomes.

LifeHub UK, which launches today (10 October), forms part of a global network of Bayer innovation hubs and Sensyne Health will be one of the first companies to have a presence in the LifeHub.

Lord Paul Drayson, chief executive of Sensyne Health, said: 'Initiatives like this are essential to quickly maximise the opportunity AI presents to improve patient care and accelerate medical research. I'm delighted to be working with Bayer, extending our partnership to deliver the benefits of digital innovation directly to clinicians and patients.'

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